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Why Partner with the ABCRA?

The ABCRA has played an integral role in the Australian rodeo and campdraft industry for over 75 years and in many ways has paved the way forward for the growth of these sports, including the addition of Challenge Sorting & Penning in 2015. 

The ABCRA has continued to evolve and is now regarded as the main organisation that supports many equine activities and events across the country. 

Choosing to partner your business with Australia’s largest Rodeo, Campdraft and Challenge Sorting & Penning Association, will link your brand and products with a strong, unique Australian organisation whose story is rich with a heritage founded on the principles of tradition, pride and spirit.  

Any partnership with the ABCRA means exceptional exposure for your brand. With more than 7,000 members Australia-wide, the ABCRA’s member base is wide and varied, containing a large number of professional people including lawyers and barristers, health professionals, educators and trades people. The ABCRA also has genuine appeal to the wider public in rural and regional communities across Australia and the Association’s flagship event, the National Finals Series attracts more than 10,000 fans and enthusiasts annually.

Any partnership will allow your brand to gain exposure the ABCRA’s highly engaged network 

  • ABCRA member base – 7,500 members Australia-wide
  • ABCRA social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) – total audience of 10K with an average reach of 59.4K users per month 
  • ABCRA website – an average of 27K visits, per month with interactive benefits for members, competitors and general public 
  • Event advertising and promotion opportunities at the National Finals Series and affiliated events 
  • Digital, print and television media 
  • Arena signage at major events including the National Finals Series and affiliated events 
  • Product advertising in official event programs 

Become a Coporate Partner with the ABCRA!

How do I Partner with ABCRA? 

There are a number of ways to partner your business with the ABCRA, these include:  

  • Corporate Partnership 
  • National Finals Rodeo  
  • National FInals Campdraft 
  • Challenge Sorting & Penning Nationals Championships 
  • All the above 


At the ABCRA we understand that every business is unique, and for this reason, we offer flexibility in our partnership agreements, tailoring them to each partner to maximise the benefit for the individual needs and target market of the businesses with whom we partner.

If you’re interested in partnering with the ABCRA, please contact us or email


Affiliate Your Event with the ABCRA!

Make your next event a success by affiliating with the nation’s largest non-profit equine sporting organisation. Gain access to a dedicated competitor base with over 7,000 members Australia-wide, as well as extensive resources and online event management systems.

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