National Judges Panel

ABCRA National Judges Panel

The ABCRA National Judges Panel was formed to ensure the standard of our sport is upheld to the highest level.

Responsibilities of the National Judges panellists:

Ensure adequate process for rule change suggestions

  • Review the Rule Book annually and advise any recommended changes;
  • In consultation with Board, review all rule changes put forward from committees and members before implementation;

Maintain a baseline level of quality amongst our ABCRA Judges

  • Encourage, mentor and foster judges;
  • Set the curriculum for the Judge's seminars, assess and train seminar facilitators;
  • Facilitate seminars
  • Set the assessment process for judging approvals;

Support our existing judges, Maintain rules/safety and Animal welfare standards  

  • Liaise and advise judges where necessary and when requested on ABCRA Rules, Work Health and Safety and Animal Welfare issues;
  • Review and advise on complaints;
  • Report any breaches of the ABCRA’s Code of conduct, Rules, Animal Welfare Code, Work Health and Safety issues to head office in writing immediately for appropriate consideration and action;
  • Report any issues known to the respective Event director & judges prior to competition.


The appointed National Judges Panel from 17.5.21:  


Jeff Edwards
Steve Parkinson
Mick Gray
Ian Tincknell
Jason Henneberry


Ben Rossiter
Jack Gallagher
Al Sullivan
Megan Rogan
Tim Hollis


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