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iCompete Help

To assist you with iCompete, our Staff have developed step by step tip sheets and answered some of our Member FAQ's.

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Committee Help

See our Committee Tools page

How do I join the ABCRA?

How do I run an event with the ABCRA?

  1. Fill out and submit the Committee Affiliation Form
  2. Fill out an Application Form for your event type and submit it to your Zone Secretary & Head Office

Forms available on our Committee Tools page

How do I advertise in the ABCRA Magazine?

How do I advertise on the ABCRA Facebook Page?

Email for all our social media advertising packages.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Contact our Head Office - details on our Contact Page.

Are Contractors covered under the Insurance Policy?

No, Contractors are not covered under the Public Liability Policy and are required to hold their own insurance. 

Committee Insurance

Please see our Committee Insurance FAQs.

How do I claim under the ABCRA's Insurance Policy?

Should an incident arise please contact Head Office for a copy of the Claim Form.
Please complete the form in full and return to ABCRA Head Office who will forward your claim to Affinity to be assessed by the insurer. 

Competitor Insurance

Please see our Competitor Insurance FAQs

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