Find all the links below to the ABCRA’s insurance documents, constitution, key policies and procedures, as well as  and the latest ABCRA Financial Report.

Ambulance Cover

ABCRA’s insurance policies DO NOT include any Ambulance cover. ALL Competitors and ALL Personnel involved with ABCRA sanctioned events are strongly advised to take out their own private Ambulance Cover.

Some members will have some level of Ambulance cover included with their Private Health Insurance and we urge those members to double-check the level that the cover provides. Some covers do not view a broken arm or leg as a Category 1 incident and therefore transportation by Ambulance is not covered. Category 1 incidents are defined as serious or life-threatening.

Again, we urge ALL Competitors and Members to ensure that they are adequately covered in the event that they require transportation by any form of Ambulance.

Stock Contractors

Please note, that as paid contractors at an ABCRA sanctioned event, Stock Contractors and their Personnel are NOT covered under ABCRA’s Personal Accident and Public Liability Policies. We strongly recommend that all Stock Contractors secure Public Liability cover for at least $20 million and Personal Accident cover for themselves and their staff.

Protection Clowns, Comedy Clowns and Pick Up Personnel

ABCRA approved Arena Personnel which includes Judges, Chute Bosses, Gate Pullers, Protection Athletes, Comedy Clowns and Pick Up Riders while performing their duties ARE covered by ABCRA’s Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurances.

Policies and Procedures

Find all the links below to the ABCRA’s constitution, rule book and latest financial report, as well as key policies and procedures, including the ABCRA’s drug and alcohol policy, and social media policy.

If you have any questions relating to these policies, please contact the main office.


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