Become an official Rodeo Judge


Apply in writing to become a provisional official before any shadow activity. See application forms below.


Once application is approved, the applicant becomes a Provisional status for a 12mth period

A Pink Step 2 Card is forwarded by Head Office to the applicant.

Provisional Judges can only shadow events with an unrestricted/open category official.

A minimum of 5 shadow events must be performed

Pink card must be signed off by the attending stock contractor, and open non restricted judge at each Shadow event and a comment provided.

Provisional Judge to return Pink card to Head Office to apply for Probationary Status after the 12mth period is served.

Head Office Events team will contact the listed attending contractors and judges listed for applicant recommendation

After the 12mth period is served, the Executive Officer will grant or deny Probationary Status based on information and recommendations.


Upon Executive Officer approval, Head Office will issue a green Step 3 record card to the applicant.

Applicant now has Open status with a Probationary period of 12 months.

Whilst in Probationary period, judge must conduct activity with Open non restricted judge during an open roughstock event.

Probationary judges may conduct activity without an accompanying Open non restricted judge only in junior roughstock events.

A minimum of 5 shows need to be completed and green record card signed by the official open judge & stock contractor.

Head Office Events team to contact all attending contractors and judges listed for applicant recommendation

Executive Officer grants or denies Open no restriction status based on received information and recommendations.

Become a Rodeo Judge


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