Become an Official Rodeo Judge with the ABCRA


Contact Head Office and register your interest in becoming a Rodeo Judge. The applicant must be a full financial member of the ABCRA. Head Office will supply application form and a current Rule Book to the applicant. 

Please either email or phone 02 6767 9200.


You must complete a minimum of 3 shadow judging’s under the guidance of 3 different fully approved judges at 3 different Rodeos. You will be sent a card to take to events that you shadow at to be completed and you are required to also send copies of your shadow judging sheets. 


Once you have completed your shadow judging’s you will be required to sit an open book test of questions on the ABCRA rules and Animal Welfare. The test is to be completed in the presence of a member of the National Judges Panel (either in person or online).

4. Your test will officially be marked through Head Office. Two (2) incorrect answers are allowed.

5. Once the 4 steps above have been completed, final approval in required through the ABCRA Rodeo National Judges Panel. 

6. A probationary period of 12 months will apply.

7. Upon success the applicant will be notified in writing and will be added to the appropriate approved Judges Lists.

8. All ABCRA judges must attend an ABCRA Judges Clinic once every two years to maintain their accreditation (in person or online)

There are several different levels of approval

  1. Open Judge (All Events)
  2. Open Rough Stock Judge
  3. Open Time Event Judge


Become a Rodeo Judge

Links to Application Resources


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