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Introducing The Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association

The Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association (ABCRA) is Australia’s largest not-for-profit equine sporting organisation, formed in 1946, with the purpose of coordinating and assisting affiliated committees to conduct events across rodeo, campdraft, challenge, sorting and penning. 

 The ABCRA has been part of the Australian rodeo and campdraft industry and the rural community for over seven decades, in many cases paving the way for continued growth of the sports. The Association has a rich history founded on the principles of tradition, pride and spirit and it has grown to be Australia’s only organisation administering the sports of Campdrafting and Rodeo under one entity. 

 The ABCRA boasts more than 7,000 members Australia wide and has 212 affiliated committees across the country, who combine to coordinate 500 events annually – events that attract thousands of competitors and fans alike. Our top competitors travel year-round to accumulate points and prize money to qualify for the season finale, the ABCRA National Finals.  

 At the time of the ABCRA’s most recent survey, our affiliated committees have injected over $1.7-million dollars into local economies throughout Australia in support of hospitals, infrastructure projects, other sporting organisations, as well as charities specifically supporting health and emergency services. 

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Our Members

Our active members come from all walks of life, from people living and working on the land, to solicitors and barristers, health professionals, educators and tradesmen.  

All members have invested heavily in their chosen sports of Rodeo, Campdrafting, Challenge, Sorting and Penning, and the other equine sports sanctioned by the ABCRA by way of saddlery and allied products, motor vehicles, and trailers. 

Monthly Magazine

Our monthly magazine is prepared and published by leading industry professionals, and is distributed directly to members, as well as being available for retail sale in newsagencies across Australia. 

Publishing a total of 11 issues per year, including a limited-edition Yearbook, our magazine promotes our affiliated equine disciplines and events, along with promoting our proud partners and sponsors. 

ABCRA National Finals Series

Across November and January each year, The ABCRA hosts the National Finals Series, held at the state-of-the-art Australian Equine & Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) in Tamworth, NSW.  

The ABCRA National Finals Campdraft is held in November, while the National Finals Rodeo is held in January as a flagship event of the iconic Tamworth Country Music Festival. Attracting around 10,000 spectators the National Finals Series is a superb display of equine and livestock sport.   

The ABCRA National Finals experience comprises three major finals that make up the event  

  • National Finals Campdraft
  • National Finals Junior Rodeo 
  • National Finals Rodeo

Our National Finals Series also includes dedicated fundraising events, raising important funds for local charities. 

The National Finals Series boast national media coverage pre, during and post-event. Competitor interviews, stock profiles, ticket sales, qualifiers, winners and outcomes are broadcast and published across national, state and regional print, digital, radio and television outlets. 

Our Staff

Our friendly staff are the face of our business and are encouraged to reach for the highest standards in customer service and efficiency. We are continuously focused on improving efficiency and customer service. 

Governance Structure

Australian Bushmens Campdraft & Rodeo Association LTD Governance Structure as voted special general meeting 25.8.23.


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Make your next event a success by affiliating with the nation’s largest non-profit equine sporting organisation. Gain access to a dedicated competitor base with over 7,000 members Australia-wide, as well as extensive resources and online event management systems.

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