2021 Board elections


The ABCRA Board of directors consists of the President elected annually & six (6) Directors elected to serve a three (3) year term.

Two (2) positions are vacated annually to allow for continuity of experience within the board.

Current Board Directors Chris Wyhoon and Adam Maher have completed their first term during the transition stage. These members are eligible for nomination and re-election.

Full Financial Members are entitled to nominate for the Board positions. The two elected Board Directors will serve a three-year term effective from the 2021 AGM.

To stand for election a member must meet the Board Directors criteria as set by the ABCRA Council. The Board nominations committee will assess all nominations to ensure that the nominee meets the required criteria. Candidates that meet the criteria will be eligible to stand for election and be voted on by the ABCRA council. The transition phase will be completed after this year's election.

The regulation during the transition phase is as follows; in the first year (2020) the board nominations committee must choose no more than 2 candidates, in the second year (2021) no more than 4 candidates and from the 3rd year (2022) onwards all candidates that meet the criteria will be eligible to stand for election including directors that automatically retire following the expiration of their set term. (Refer to Constitution)

  1. We ask that all interested parties register their intention in standing as a candidate for the ABCRA Board of Directors by completing the online form and returning it by Sunday the 6th June 2021.
  2. Registered persons will be forwarded a Board Nomination pack on 7th June 2021 for completion and return by Sunday 20th June 2021 to be eligible for consideration by the Board Nominations Committee.
  3. The Board nominations committee will meet after the 20th of June and will select up to 4 candidates that meet the criteria to stand for election.
  4. Nominations will only be accepted using the official documents provided. Nominations may also be received by hand delivery, post, email, or facsimile. Registrations close Sunday 6th June.

Corporate Partners

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